Loft Conversions in Wimbledon

There are so many homes within the south London area and specifically the Merton area that have been renovated and remodelled to become more contemporary. Many of the homes within this area were built half a century ago, and they have a very distinctive look and style for the area. Many of the homes looked alike, and they were also all built with the same materials. Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s after World War II and most council flats and towers were built, the architects and builders managed to get jobs creating homes within the Wimbledon area after so many of the homes were destroyed or damaged. Since the homes were already large to begin with, the space and the land that was available provided the perfect place to build larger homes and what can be considered by many to be smaller versions of mansions.

I work as part of a loft conversion company based in the London borough of Merton, Merton Loft Conversion. We are based in Wimbledon as a Wimbledon loft conversion company, and we have been performing these conversions for so many years now. Since many of the homes have begun to look contemporary and almost match mansions you would see within L.A. or The Hamptons, we have had to adjust most of the loft conversions we complete. We must make sure the loft itself matches the design of these homes once the loft conversions are finished, and this could be a very difficult thing if some of the homes are more unique. We must now match all materials and colours with those already applied to the building. While this is not much of an issue with the colours, the difficulty mostly comes from the materials that are necessary. If the materials required are from Central America, Asia, Australia or anywhere else, we must order it to match.

For whatever reason, many homes have begun using granite as an exterior decoration for their homes. On top of the granite, matte paint has become a trendy design within homes in London. Due to the wealth of some home owners within the area of Wimbledon specifically, you would not be shocked to see marble outside some of these homes, and inside. Others like to use wood that are specific to nations, and these materials usually require special ordering that can take weeks or sometimes even months to arrive. When considering that ordering a surplus of materials is always necessary in these projects, the overall budget and raw materials costs of these projects begin to rise faster than you could imagine. These are smaller things in the grand scheme, but the larger worry comes from the large costs of these materials, and especially the delivery of these materials.

These are small issues when you have finally completed the construction of the project however. Once the project is completed and the home owner is satisfied with your project, the real enjoyment comes from the finished project. When the home owner is happy with the quality and result of your work, then there are so many rewarding benefits for you and your company.

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Modern home designs in London

Even though I wanted to discuss this more in my last blog post, I wanted to talk somewhat about some of the modern home designs that have come up in the last few years. There are some exceedingly interesting and innovative ideas that many architects and home designers have come up with in the last 50+ years. With the invention of newer building styles and techniques, there have been large leaps in the design concepts that have been created to date. With every new home that has been created in the last few years, there has been many creative design ideas indoors rather than just outdoors. Since the home isn’t only judged by the way it looks on the outside, the interior is just as important. This is compounded once you realise that although people first judge the home based from the exterior, it is the interior that really makes the home feel like a home.

One of the increasingly elaborate designs of many homes within todays world are the swimming pools that have been created recently. As the technology of swimming pools and Jacuzzi’s in the last few years have jumped leaps and bounds within the last 20 years, and there are so many different creative designs and options that have been invented. Pools can come in all different shapes, sizes and nowadays even different colours and lights. Due to the advancement of technology in general, there are so many different things that you could do. There are so many different combinations of shapes, sizes, colours of the lights and even pool, different tiles that you could put into both the pool and the path that surrounds the pool and so much more different decorations and designs.

There is something that I do find a bit interesting that others may find less enjoyable, which is the massive automatic or remote-control blinds that can cover a window. I’m not entirely sure why I find them so interesting to look at, but I believe it is because a lot of science fiction films from both the past and the present show these blinds in the rich, bad guys home. For some reason, every architect in every film Hollywood has made seems to have the same design and creation ideas. Very strange! I’m starting to believe that no matter what year it is or even what universe the film is set in, the same architect works on all homes that have ever been built!

These days however, there are so many different things you can do with your home you never used to be able to do. Some homes even have motion sensor lights that will turn on or off if you have entered or left your home. I find that to be an amazing thing because 10 years ago lights that you could clap to turn off used to be considered an amazing feat in technology. The fact we have motion sensors for so many things from lighting within the home to even gas and electricity turning on (apart from the electricity that’s necessary for the motion sensor of course!). The modern home is so much different when compared to homes from even 10 years ago.

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Creative home designs and the history of homes in London part 1!

One of the most creative and enjoyable home designs that I have seen in recent times are the newer, more contemporary home designs that have come out of all areas in America and the United Kingdom in recent times. Some designs of the homes are elaborate and seem like they are out of the future when considering the futuristic outlook. I have seen many homes that have started to veer away from the simple brick homes that were popular from the 1900’s. Especially in the United Kingdom, most of homes after World War 2 were built with the sole purpose to fit in during the many bombings from the Axis allies. They destroyed many homes within the capital of London and other cities and villages in the UK.

Before I talk more of the newer home designs that we see currently, I would like to speak somewhat about the older homes in the capital city of London. After World War 2, so many of the homes that were standing before the war fell during the Blitzkrieg. As so many homes were destroyed, many families had become homeless. As there were less homes than there were families in the city, the government had to come up with an alternative to house families that were displaced through the war. This is where the design and creation of council estates had come from. These council estates can also be known as tower blocks.

Due to the flattening of the land from the bombs that were dropped by the Luftwaffe, there were many craters with large flat lands. Since it was impossible for town houses or storied homes to be built for single family purposes due to the unevenness for the lands, the design of homes required ingenuity. Rather than building homes to be side by side with each other, the idea was created to build homes on top of each other and stack the homes. That is where the idea of a tower block came from. Within the space it would take to house two families, it created for the ability to house dozens to hundreds of families within the same space. The same idea partially came from the creation of skyscrapers within the United States, but they were created for office works and companies.

These tower flats unfortunately housed the poorest of those within the city, since they were the ones unable to pay for new homes or to have theirs rebuilt. This had a profound effect on the families and lower economic classes for the next 60+ years. The effects of this housing development are still in play today. While for the time it was an exceedingly genius idea, it was impossible to ever know the effects that this would cause in the long term. For many, the effects are still being felt and it is a dream for many to now escape these tower flats.

Tomorrow, we will go through the modern home designs of this time. I felt it somewhat important to go through just some of the history behind the developments in home designs throughout the years however. Please make sure you take the time to look at the blogs that I will be posting over the next few days. For now, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and make sure to check out some of the ones I’ve already made!

Homes that are fit for the land!

One of my favourite cultural home designs that I have seen throughout the years are the homes in the deep south of America such as Albuquerque. The homes within the area look amazing to me because I love the desert vibe the outside of the home gives. When looking at the foundations of the building and specifically the materials of the walls they are covered in, they give an almost sandstone look to it. They feel like they could almost be part of the desert itself if looked at from far away. I have always enjoyed buildings that look part of the scenery rather than sticking out like a sore thumb, and these homes are very unique for that. Especially within the New Mexico area, the homes are almost designed to look like they are camouflaged within the area itself.

I also love the interior of the homes around the New Mexico area too. Many times, the brown and sometimes wooden tiling within the floor almost make the homes look like they are beach houses. The only problem with this type of interior is that for the most part, you won’t see a whole lot of ocean in the desert! That doesn’t mean that you need to have your interior look like this however!

Although the homes within the New Mexico area are my favourite, there are many homes around the world that are built and designed like this. For example, homes within wooden areas often have wooden exteriors that almost look part of the scenery, this works especially since some of the homes look like they could have grown from the ground like a tree itself. These are amazing to look at, although the actual interior of the home doesn’t seem to match the way the exterior can look at times.

The homes within London also look quite amazing because of the general style of exteriors all homes in the city have. Since many of the homes within the London area generally look the same all the way down to the brick within the area, not only do they start to blend into almost one big home, but they also provide a nice and consistent look through each road which is rare. You often do not see this design within many cities in the United Kingdom because of the original home owners wanting to put their own stamp within the homes design. In London however, many of the flats and homes within the area were originally one large home. The owner of the manor would build one very large home in the 16th and 17th centuries, and eventually once they had passed their descendants would eventually either split the homes for several different reasons or even just rent them out. Eventually to save space and fit more families within the city itself, the houses were split into subsects to house more. That is why it has given London a consistent feel with the designs of the home.

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Home and Furniture designs!

Hi everyone! Here at PopCulturist, I’m going to be going through some incredible designs and products that are currently available within the market in this age. I have become increasingly inspired and interested by the many designs and products that have been created. There are so many designers and creators in the industry right now that can come up with designs and visions that are both out of this world and are amazing to look at. I would love to own some of this furniture and be able to have it within my home, although unfortunately so many of them are expensive. This is natural however because of the incredible designs that are being created all over the world. Although the fashion and designs are mainly from countries such as Austria, Italy, France and the like, there is a general look and style that allow some of these designs to be amazing around the world. They can fit in everywhere and anywhere, especially when the furniture is amazing.

My favourite designs right now are coming out of Vienna, Austria, although the furniture itself doesn’t seem to match the location of Merton, London. The general feeling is obvious that the culture is significantly different. There is a general inspiration that they take out of the culture when it comes to some of their designs, and you can tell the history of the culture enriches many of the home furniture that they have within the home. However, this same thing can also be said of the designs of the home itself. Many of the homes in Vienna are designed with the clear inspiration from the culture of Austria itself. These little things make such a large difference when it comes to the look and style of homes and furniture itself.

Another city that has created amazing home designs as well as furniture is Florence, in Italy. Some of the new furniture and homes that they have been building is clearly inspired by the history and culture of the city itself. There is a clear mark of culture that is embedded within the homes of the city from the furniture to the buildings designs themselves. This is something that may not be replicated in other cities around the world because of the culture that they are surrounded in. As ridiculous as it may sound, it would be hard to build a home that is designed like a home in Florence and have it feel the same outside of the city. The actual environment of the city itself and the culture that it is surrounded in makes the city itself look amazing. This is not an insult on the design of the furniture or the buildings themselves. Unfortunately, this is a symptom of the city’s own success.

In future blog posts I want to ensure that I can show some of the designs and products that I will be discussing. Because I had no specific topic or goal within this blog post, I was unsure of how to structure the actual post itself. Especially when adding in the different cities that I had discussed. However, in the future I hope that I can be a bit more focused when it comes to the buildings and furniture itself. Finally, I hope that they can be slightly more interesting than this blog post may have came out! Thank you all for reading and see you tomorrow!