Home and Furniture designs!

Hi everyone! Here at PopCulturist, I’m going to be going through some incredible designs and products that are currently available within the market in this age. I have become increasingly inspired and interested by the many designs and products that have been created. There are so many designers and creators in the industry right now that can come up with designs and visions that are both out of this world and are amazing to look at. I would love to own some of this furniture and be able to have it within my home, although unfortunately so many of them are expensive. This is natural however because of the incredible designs that are being created all over the world. Although the fashion and designs are mainly from countries such as Austria, Italy, France and the like, there is a general look and style that allow some of these designs to be amazing around the world. They can fit in everywhere and anywhere, especially when the furniture is amazing.

My favourite designs right now are coming out of Vienna, Austria, although the furniture itself doesn’t seem to match the location of Merton, London. The general feeling is obvious that the culture is significantly different. There is a general inspiration that they take out of the culture when it comes to some of their designs, and you can tell the history of the culture enriches many of the home furniture that they have within the home. However, this same thing can also be said of the designs of the home itself. Many of the homes in Vienna are designed with the clear inspiration from the culture of Austria itself. These little things make such a large difference when it comes to the look and style of homes and furniture itself.

Another city that has created amazing home designs as well as furniture is Florence, in Italy. Some of the new furniture and homes that they have been building is clearly inspired by the history and culture of the city itself. There is a clear mark of culture that is embedded within the homes of the city from the furniture to the buildings designs themselves. This is something that may not be replicated in other cities around the world because of the culture that they are surrounded in. As ridiculous as it may sound, it would be hard to build a home that is designed like a home in Florence and have it feel the same outside of the city. The actual environment of the city itself and the culture that it is surrounded in makes the city itself look amazing. This is not an insult on the design of the furniture or the buildings themselves. Unfortunately, this is a symptom of the city’s own success.

In future blog posts I want to ensure that I can show some of the designs and products that I will be discussing. Because I had no specific topic or goal within this blog post, I was unsure of how to structure the actual post itself. Especially when adding in the different cities that I had discussed. However, in the future I hope that I can be a bit more focused when it comes to the buildings and furniture itself. Finally, I hope that they can be slightly more interesting than this blog post may have came out! Thank you all for reading and see you tomorrow!

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