Homes that are fit for the land!

One of my favourite cultural home designs that I have seen throughout the years are the homes in the deep south of America such as Albuquerque. The homes within the area look amazing to me because I love the desert vibe the outside of the home gives. When looking at the foundations of the building and specifically the materials of the walls they are covered in, they give an almost sandstone look to it. They feel like they could almost be part of the desert itself if looked at from far away. I have always enjoyed buildings that look part of the scenery rather than sticking out like a sore thumb, and these homes are very unique for that. Especially within the New Mexico area, the homes are almost designed to look like they are camouflaged within the area itself.

I also love the interior of the homes around the New Mexico area too. Many times, the brown and sometimes wooden tiling within the floor almost make the homes look like they are beach houses. The only problem with this type of interior is that for the most part, you won’t see a whole lot of ocean in the desert! That doesn’t mean that you need to have your interior look like this however!

Although the homes within the New Mexico area are my favourite, there are many homes around the world that are built and designed like this. For example, homes within wooden areas often have wooden exteriors that almost look part of the scenery, this works especially since some of the homes look like they could have grown from the ground like a tree itself. These are amazing to look at, although the actual interior of the home doesn’t seem to match the way the exterior can look at times.

The homes within London also look quite amazing because of the general style of exteriors all homes in the city have. Since many of the homes within the London area generally look the same all the way down to the brick within the area, not only do they start to blend into almost one big home, but they also provide a nice and consistent look through each road which is rare. You often do not see this design within many cities in the United Kingdom because of the original home owners wanting to put their own stamp within the homes design. In London however, many of the flats and homes within the area were originally one large home. The owner of the manor would build one very large home in the 16th and 17th centuries, and eventually once they had passed their descendants would eventually either split the homes for several different reasons or even just rent them out. Eventually to save space and fit more families within the city itself, the houses were split into subsects to house more. That is why it has given London a consistent feel with the designs of the home.

I hope you enjoyed todays blog post. I know that some of these topics may not be interesting to many home owners or readers of the blog, but it is always interesting to note homes that are important. It is nice to have a consistent look within cities today. I hope you get a chance to read tomorrows post, and some of our older ones too.

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