Creative home designs and the history of homes in London part 1!

One of the most creative and enjoyable home designs that I have seen in recent times are the newer, more contemporary home designs that have come out of all areas in America and the United Kingdom in recent times. Some designs of the homes are elaborate and seem like they are out of the future when considering the futuristic outlook. I have seen many homes that have started to veer away from the simple brick homes that were popular from the 1900’s. Especially in the United Kingdom, most of homes after World War 2 were built with the sole purpose to fit in during the many bombings from the Axis allies. They destroyed many homes within the capital of London and other cities and villages in the UK.

Before I talk more of the newer home designs that we see currently, I would like to speak somewhat about the older homes in the capital city of London. After World War 2, so many of the homes that were standing before the war fell during the Blitzkrieg. As so many homes were destroyed, many families had become homeless. As there were less homes than there were families in the city, the government had to come up with an alternative to house families that were displaced through the war. This is where the design and creation of council estates had come from. These council estates can also be known as tower blocks.

Due to the flattening of the land from the bombs that were dropped by the Luftwaffe, there were many craters with large flat lands. Since it was impossible for town houses or storied homes to be built for single family purposes due to the unevenness for the lands, the design of homes required ingenuity. Rather than building homes to be side by side with each other, the idea was created to build homes on top of each other and stack the homes. That is where the idea of a tower block came from. Within the space it would take to house two families, it created for the ability to house dozens to hundreds of families within the same space. The same idea partially came from the creation of skyscrapers within the United States, but they were created for office works and companies.

These tower flats unfortunately housed the poorest of those within the city, since they were the ones unable to pay for new homes or to have theirs rebuilt. This had a profound effect on the families and lower economic classes for the next 60+ years. The effects of this housing development are still in play today. While for the time it was an exceedingly genius idea, it was impossible to ever know the effects that this would cause in the long term. For many, the effects are still being felt and it is a dream for many to now escape these tower flats.

Tomorrow, we will go through the modern home designs of this time. I felt it somewhat important to go through just some of the history behind the developments in home designs throughout the years however. Please make sure you take the time to look at the blogs that I will be posting over the next few days. For now, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog and make sure to check out some of the ones I’ve already made!

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