Modern home designs in London

Even though I wanted to discuss this more in my last blog post, I wanted to talk somewhat about some of the modern home designs that have come up in the last few years. There are some exceedingly interesting and innovative ideas that many architects and home designers have come up with in the last 50+ years. With the invention of newer building styles and techniques, there have been large leaps in the design concepts that have been created to date. With every new home that has been created in the last few years, there has been many creative design ideas indoors rather than just outdoors. Since the home isn’t only judged by the way it looks on the outside, the interior is just as important. This is compounded once you realise that although people first judge the home based from the exterior, it is the interior that really makes the home feel like a home.

One of the increasingly elaborate designs of many homes within todays world are the swimming pools that have been created recently. As the technology of swimming pools and Jacuzzi’s in the last few years have jumped leaps and bounds within the last 20 years, and there are so many different creative designs and options that have been invented. Pools can come in all different shapes, sizes and nowadays even different colours and lights. Due to the advancement of technology in general, there are so many different things that you could do. There are so many different combinations of shapes, sizes, colours of the lights and even pool, different tiles that you could put into both the pool and the path that surrounds the pool and so much more different decorations and designs.

There is something that I do find a bit interesting that others may find less enjoyable, which is the massive automatic or remote-control blinds that can cover a window. I’m not entirely sure why I find them so interesting to look at, but I believe it is because a lot of science fiction films from both the past and the present show these blinds in the rich, bad guys home. For some reason, every architect in every film Hollywood has made seems to have the same design and creation ideas. Very strange! I’m starting to believe that no matter what year it is or even what universe the film is set in, the same architect works on all homes that have ever been built!

These days however, there are so many different things you can do with your home you never used to be able to do. Some homes even have motion sensor lights that will turn on or off if you have entered or left your home. I find that to be an amazing thing because 10 years ago lights that you could clap to turn off used to be considered an amazing feat in technology. The fact we have motion sensors for so many things from lighting within the home to even gas and electricity turning on (apart from the electricity that’s necessary for the motion sensor of course!). The modern home is so much different when compared to homes from even 10 years ago.

I hope you enjoyed my blog today! I’m not sure what my blog post will be about tomorrow just yet, but I do hope you enjoy it! If you get a chance, please make sure to read the next one, and the ones I have previously posted.