Loft Conversions in Wimbledon

There are so many homes within the south London area and specifically the Merton area that have been renovated and remodelled to become more contemporary. Many of the homes within this area were built half a century ago, and they have a very distinctive look and style for the area. Many of the homes looked alike, and they were also all built with the same materials. Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s after World War II and most council flats and towers were built, the architects and builders managed to get jobs creating homes within the Wimbledon area after so many of the homes were destroyed or damaged. Since the homes were already large to begin with, the space and the land that was available provided the perfect place to build larger homes and what can be considered by many to be smaller versions of mansions.

I work as part of a loft conversion company based in the London borough of Merton, Merton Loft Conversion. We are based in Wimbledon as a Wimbledon loft conversion company, and we have been performing these conversions for so many years now. Since many of the homes have begun to look contemporary and almost match mansions you would see within L.A. or The Hamptons, we have had to adjust most of the loft conversions we complete. We must make sure the loft itself matches the design of these homes once the loft conversions are finished, and this could be a very difficult thing if some of the homes are more unique. We must now match all materials and colours with those already applied to the building. While this is not much of an issue with the colours, the difficulty mostly comes from the materials that are necessary. If the materials required are from Central America, Asia, Australia or anywhere else, we must order it to match.

For whatever reason, many homes have begun using granite as an exterior decoration for their homes. On top of the granite, matte paint has become a trendy design within homes in London. Due to the wealth of some home owners within the area of Wimbledon specifically, you would not be shocked to see marble outside some of these homes, and inside. Others like to use wood that are specific to nations, and these materials usually require special ordering that can take weeks or sometimes even months to arrive. When considering that ordering a surplus of materials is always necessary in these projects, the overall budget and raw materials costs of these projects begin to rise faster than you could imagine. These are smaller things in the grand scheme, but the larger worry comes from the large costs of these materials, and especially the delivery of these materials.

These are small issues when you have finally completed the construction of the project however. Once the project is completed and the home owner is satisfied with your project, the real enjoyment comes from the finished project. When the home owner is happy with the quality and result of your work, then there are so many rewarding benefits for you and your company.

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